What is Health Tech and Why Does It Matter to All of Us?

The promise of technology to innovate and update comes at a time when healthcare needs to respond to the growing demand of resources, and the digital health revolution is in a strong position to not only create solutions, but deliver them as well.

The sector is still young, however, and fragmented, and for the current Health Tech industry to grow further, the regulatory environment in particular needs to evolve alongside digital health in order for them both to benefit the public which they have been designed to achieve.

A panel discussion on the future of Health Care gathering Choucri Asmar Head of Partnerships and Strategic Projects at AXA , Mohamed El-Maghallawi Marketing Consultant  and Mohamed ElMougi VP of North Africa and Levant, Vezeeta to tell you more about what is Health Tech.

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Is There A Syndication Between Funds and Networks: Exits and IPOs? Find Out More!

This is a great opportunity for investors to invest in what could possibly be the next unicorn start-up. Meanwhile start-ups could have a great lead on "Angel Investement" with Khaled Ismail, Chairman at HIMAngel. This track is powered by Alex Angels. Plenty more of unparalleled speakers, that challenge your thinking and reveal insights and scopes on what really matters in investment, these speakers include: Ahmed Mansour, Nivine Tahry, Emad Barsoom, and Tarek Asaad.

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Wait... An Influencer Can Make or Break A Brand?

This panel isn't like any other. We're bringing you the incredible actor "Amr Wahba" , TV host Salizon & Vignette " Ingy Abo Elseoud" , "Ahmed ElGhandour" founder of "Da7ee7" , "Mai Abaza" managing partner at Publicist Inc and "Alaa Elsheikh" senior creative copywriter at FP7. A debate under the title of "How Does An Influencer Affect The Marketing Of A Brand". Discussing the enticing hot topic of the future of influencer marketing. Guess what else?! They're ready to answer all your questions!  

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Calling Out For Startups: Techne Competitions Are Back!

 Yes, you read it right. We're back and we couldn't be more excited to tell you about our pitching competitions so far for this year's Summit. And yes you can apply to more than one competition as long as your startup meet the selection criteria.

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