Techne Summit Comes Back Bigger & Louder: Here’s 7 Gigs You Can’t Miss

This year, we’re spreading our wings! As we launch the 5th Edition of Techne Summit, the sizzling event will be spreading entrepreneurial vibes not for just 3 days, but 5. Aside from the talks, panels and workshops, this year we’re bringing Techne Bytes and Techne Nights, a series of activities engaging businesses and entrepreneurs from across Alexandria, the Mediterranean and beyond, to mingle, network and connect.

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Calling all Entrepreneurs and Investors to Techne Summit Dubrovnik this May!

Join the roundtable discussion about the launch of the Mediterranean Business Angel Investment Network

DUBROVNIK, Croatia, May 3-4, 2019

What is Techne Summit?

Techne Summit is a two-day immersive experience that brings together investors, entrepreneurs and innovators from the Mediterranean entrepreneurial ecosystem. It features big conversations around how talent can employ technology to solve global challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

A unique feature of Techne Summit is that it debates the future right from the hearts of historic Mediterranean cities that have shaped world history and culture since antiquity. This is why last year’s edition in Alexandria brought together 6,000 attendees, 130 speakers, 80 investors, 230 startups and more than 66 partners all from 25 different countries.

This year’s event in Dubrovnik will take place on May 3-4th at the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace and is supported by her Excellency, the President of Croatia, the Mayor of Dubrovnik City and the Prefect of Dubrovnik County.

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جولات تكني ۲۰۱۹ تطوف ۱۲ محافظة مصرية لتمكين ودعم الشركات الناشئة

ما هي "جولات تكني" ؟ 

هى الحدث الفريد الذي تشهده محافظات مصر للعام الرابع على التوالي، ويعد أكبر ملتقى للشركات الناشئة في مجال التكنولوجيا في مصر
والشرق الأوسط ، وذلك تحت شعار "التكنولوجيا والابتكار والموهبة" - والذي كان المحور الرئيسي لقمة تكني منذ انطلاقها قبل ثلاثة  أعوام- والذي يعود ليبعث روح الدعم والمساندة للشركات الناشئة والتكنولوجيا. 
وقد حققت "جولات تكني" النجاح الكبير في نسخها السابقة
سجل الاَن

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Techne Launches the first Techne Meetup in Alexandria

Tuesday the 22nd January, 2019 was the day we launched the first Techne Meetup in Alexandria, hosted at ESLSCA Business School; our venue partner. Techne Meetups is a monthly event that gathers the Alexandrian Startup community in one place to share their stories whether they are of successes to celebrate it of lessons of failures to learn from.

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ABAN, VC4A and Alex Angels announce end of year Angel Investor Master Class in Alexandria next week!

In recent years, Angel Investing has become one of the most talked about avenues, yet it remains veiled in mystery. Yet there is definitely a method to the madness and that is what this masterclass will uncover. The masterclass will cover a variety of topics related to successful angel investing, starting from what to look for in an opportunity, how to evaluate, how to understand, how to protect your interests and how to build a performing portfolio. Aiming at educating more people about angel investing to encourage more funding for startups.

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Techne Summit 2018 Strikes the Tech World Again… Bigger & Stronger

6,000+ Attendees, 230 Startups, 130+ Speakers, 5 Competitions, 3 Pitch events and 80 investors from 25 different countries

Last week the Mediterranean city of Alexandria welcomed, for the fourth time, the yearly international investment & entrepreneurship event “Techne Summit 2018” (29-30th September 2018). This year the Summit was back with more than 6,000 attendees, 130 speakers, 80 investors, 230 startups and more than 66 partners all from 25 different countries, bringing together the key players in the tech industry at Bibliotheca Alexandrina

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What is Health Tech and Why Does It Matter to All of Us?

The promise of technology to innovate and update comes at a time when healthcare needs to respond to the growing demand of resources, and the digital health revolution is in a strong position to not only create solutions, but deliver them as well.

The sector is still young, however, and fragmented, and for the current Health Tech industry to grow further, the regulatory environment in particular needs to evolve alongside digital health in order for them both to benefit the public which they have been designed to achieve.

A panel discussion on the future of Health Care gathering Choucri Asmar Head of Partnerships and Strategic Projects at AXA , Mohamed El-Maghallawi Marketing Consultant  and Mohamed ElMougi VP of North Africa and Levant, Vezeeta to tell you more about what is Health Tech.

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Is There A Syndication Between Funds and Networks: Exits and IPOs? Find Out More!

This is a great opportunity for investors to invest in what could possibly be the next unicorn start-up. Meanwhile start-ups could have a great lead on "Angel Investement" with Khaled Ismail, Chairman at HIMAngel. This track is powered by Alex Angels. Plenty more of unparalleled speakers, that challenge your thinking and reveal insights and scopes on what really matters in investment, these speakers include: Ahmed Mansour, Nivine Tahry, Emad Barsoom, and Tarek Asaad.

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